Delving into Dance is a platform that profiles the views of dance makers and lovers, sharing interviews and written content that is both intimate and thought provoking.

Through a diversity of views, experiences and practices, we can better understand the role dance plays in individuals’ lives, while demystifying and opening dance up to new audiences. What can those who don’t regularly engage with dance learn from the artform?

Started in 2016, as a podcast Delving into Dance has grown to reach over 15, 000 people globally.  Publicists from around the world are seeking to put forward individuals for interviews, with 3-4 requests coming through a week.   Delving into Dance has become an important place for critical thinking and engagement and currently hosts the most extensive report ever published about Gender Equality in Australian dance. 

Podcast nterviews help engage preexisting dance audiences as well as find new access points for future audiences. To view how the interviews are being used by companies and industry players, visit the engagement section of the website. With arts journalism suffering around the globe, now more than ever platforms like Delving into Dance are critical for archiving the experiences of dance makers. Participants have responded incredibly positive to being interviewed. The acclaimed dance journalist Deborah Jowitt said: "I'm struck by how intelligently you formed your questions". To read more from participants visit

Increasingly, industry is seeking to partner with Delving into Dance on projects that seek to connect to audiences. To find out more about partnering, visit the partnering section of the Delving into Dance website. 

Delving into Dance is a passion project of researcher and dance-lover Andrew Westle. Andrew is not a dancer, instead he brings his unique perspective and passion for the art-form.  

Delving into Dance is supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria and through contributions of its listeners and readers.